Game of K-12 Life

The Game of K-12 Life is a free youth and community friendly workshop resource designed by Advancement Project and Gay Straight Alliance Network as a fun way to facilitate a discussion around the school-to-prison pipeline.  In the game, players take on the role of a student with a unique identity and background, which may be a white student, a black student, a queer student, an undocumented student, or a student with a learning disability.  Participants follow what happens to these individual students when they encounter behavioral challenges throughout their school career, and how their odds of survival and ultimate victory can vary depending on their identity.  The Game of K-12 Life also includes a free expansion pack for communities to design their own student identities and outcomes to make them fit with their unique local situations.

The game is not only a fun way to discuss a serious topic like the school-to-prison pipeline, but allows participants to discuss both causes and solutions.  Relevant to all age groups, the Game of K-12 life has something to offer everyone.  We hope you enjoy playing the game and sharing it with your peers.

Watch youth activists play the game:

Below you can download all the materials needed to play the game. The PDF includes the game rules, scorecards, player profiles and scenarios. The PowerPoint file is used along with other materials to guide players through the game and provide "fact checks" after each scenario.