Get Involved: Activists


All over the country, there is a growing movement to end extreme discipline policies and practices.

Youth, parents, and other community members are coming together to demand an end to school pushout and the unnecessary criminalization youth

Communities are increasingly coming to understand that the ways that we have come to deal with student misconduct not only don’t work but cause more harm for students and communities.

Now communities and advocates are taking action in places throughout the country calling on educators and policy makers to address the problem of extreme school discipline. They are demanding an end to zero tolerance policies, decreased presence of armed guards in schools, and new policies for dealing with student misconduct. These communities are also coming together to learn from each other and build stronger connections. Through national coalitions like the Alliance for Educational Justice and the Dignity in School campaign as well as gatherings like ActionCamp, they are building toward change nationally. Please join us in this effort to make sure every student gets an opportunity to learn.